Do you think Simon Parker can swim 25 m?

Journalist Simon Parker BBCHear BBC journalist Simon Parker (to the left) tell how he experienced dipping down in the cold water in Svanemøllebugtens Vinterbadelaug. I asked him if he is ready to svim 25 m to the next Winter Swimming World Championship.
Hear if he is ready for the challenge.


Simon is visiting Denmark making an interview about the reasons for so many Danes jumping into the water – and how you can swim in it too.

You can listen to his interview on BBC Radio and right here

2014-12-13 BBC interview WEB
I had the privilege to talk to Simon about how I personally just love to swim, also long distances and how I will encourage everyone to try it. Winterswimming is healthy. It boosts your immune system, gives you a better sex life, increases your feeling of happiness, eliminate depression and anger, strengthen your heart and circulation and it reduces pain. There is absolutely no reason for not swimMette BL Thomsen VM thumbming – or at least to go into the water in the wintertime.

Personally I am practicing to participate in The Winter Swimming World Championship 2016 in Tyumen Siberia Russia and for the second time to show and prove that I will be able to swim the Endurance distance a 450 meters freestyle in minus 1 degrees water. The distance that no other Danes has done so far.

Mette BL Thomen med bronzemedalje i 450 m is-svømningI also want to participate in all the other distances: a 25 m breast swimming, 25 & 50 m freestyle and the two different medleys.

Trawling around with my motivating pep-talk: “Embracing cold water” in Danish called: “MOD på KOLDT VAND”-  I hope to inspire as many people as absolutely possibly experience the love to dip in cold water and to set any goals and reach them.

Give me a calMOD på KOLDT VANDl +45 40 37 33 21 or write me: mette@liftyourlife.dk if you would like to hear more or book the speach.

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